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TSM smells blood and holy shit this series is turning fast

I just wanna see C9 murder Curse now that’s all I want.

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Might have been the best set of games in NA this whole year honestly

Almost a shame it ended in a stomp of that magnitude

[TSM chants intensify anyway]

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Xerath has ascended so high he can dunk people now.

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Lustboy gonna need to land a Pentabubble for Game 5 or he’s just the 2nd place Nami in NA.

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Solid Snake VS Liquid Snake ~
My sister wanted me to draw her a Solid Snake in the same fashion I drew my little Liquid ~
So, here’s a VS picture of the two brothers ~

By the way, thank you all for all the like and all the reblog on my last picture ;w;
Don’t use without permission, don’t remove the source, thanks ~